How to Greet the New Year in 4 Steps!

Transition In the next few days, our world will transition to the new year. It's unbelievable what we have survived in 2020, but ... what are we able to leave behind, and what will we do to make 2021 different and better? Drilling down to our country, our communities,...

Turning to Reiki

Everyone has the capacity to tap into the energetic system within their body. Many people call it a gift, I believe it’s a requirement to understand and integrate the full capacity to live in wholeness. 

Intuitive Connections with Jillian

  There is no way to explain how and what I do! I think the best way to fully understand my services is through the experience. For those of you that have encountered my personal or corporate sessions as long-term clients, I’m giving you the opportunity to...

Intuitive Eating Aided by Nutribullet

  As a die hard “gadget girl” who strives to eat intuitively and healthy, my Nutribullets are like my best friends, always there to go for a spin, reliable and ready to assist me to be the best I can be. - Jillian Maas Backman   Ok, true confessions time! I...

The Triumverate of Well-Being

Triumverate: Three powerful or influential people or things existing in relation to each other

The modern domain of health and wellness has embraced and questioned numerous modalities, currently the most widespread being the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Not All Meditations are Created Equally

Life coaching and counselors alike emphasized the importance of devoting a portion of your day to quiet time. These insightful reflective moments are a way to release stress and help maintain a stable mental equilibrium. The practice of meditation is a perfect way to...

Vibrational Clean Living

Once again, this past week we lost another sweet child to the harsh reality of alleged school-house bullying. Lady Gaga and others are calling upon the President to create an Anti-Bullying Law again those who perpertrate such heinous acts towards others. Good start, but the issue is more intricate than that. We have to go after the root cause growing in the dysfunctional soil of intolerance and hatred. We need a vibrational shake-up and re-set our spiritual balance.