I deliberately keep a close watch on the latest news making headlines. It is my responsibility to stay current with relevant social issues. Once again, this week we find ourselves grappling with the disheartening truth of loosing another sweet child to the harsh reality of school-house bullying. Fourteen-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide because of alleged years of childhood harassment. He simply could not handle the pressure anymore and let go of life instead. This spiritual lesson will continue to repeat itself until we decide to make this a priority for change.

Lady Gaga and many others are calling upon our President to start a process to create an Anti-Bullying Law against those who perpetrate such heinous acts towards others. This is a good start, but the issue is more intricate than that. It is not enough to tell someone to stop saying bad things to other people. You must go after the root supplying the food to the infested weed. Attack the source that carries the vibrational energy hidden within the dysfunctional soil of intolerance and hatred. We need a vibrational shake-up and re-set our spiritual balance.

The word “vibration” is usually associated with a scientific method of describing sound waves frequencies. These kind of physical calculations are extremely important in measuring all kinds of vibrations and keeping a watchful eye out for anything that may threaten the balance of our planet. Physical anomalies such as earthquakes and other natural disasters upset the natural vibrational rhythms and cause permanent vibrational gaps. When this happens, we usually make physical adjustments to accommodate the shifts and settle into a new configuration of balance.

We know that earthquakes do not happen instantaneously. They are a gradual build-up of pressure plates moving within the inner core of earth. Eventually reaching the surface where it explodes with vengeance. Taking out whatever is in its natural wake with complete disregard.

The human body works much like the earth vibrational system. It too, operates on a natural internal frequency, which strives to stay in a state of balanced harmony. Whether we know it or not, our unconscious mind is registering vibrational motion all day long. This constant kind of stimuli has a lasting effect on the delicate balance between desirable and undesirable vibration in the human body. If you have to live with the constant bombardment of negative stimulus, eventually your vibration will only register the negative. At some point this will become your normal state of existence. This is where the bully mentality starts taking over.

It represents the “pressure stage “of a vibrational eruption.

Think of someone around you that gets angry. The first sign of vibrational pressure building up inside is the physical act of pacing back and forth. Their facial expression begins to contort. Straining to hold back the dysfunctional energy from busting through. Our body structure is designed to get rid of this sick emotional vomit any way it can. The mind begins to heat up with aggressive thoughts laden with bouts of hatred energy. It is an unstoppable energy train waiting to explode at any second. You cannot reason with a mind filled with vibrational hatred. Talking it out with someone like this will temporary put a stop to the underlying relentless negative attitude. Except the pathetic mind chatter will override any positive antidotes you attempt to throw at it and fight its way back to unhealthy normal.

The re-occurring bullying episodes should serve as a societal signal that we have reached the plateau of the “pressure stage” before the explosion.

The task of stopping this kind of hate crimes seems insurmountable but I offer this simple exercise to demonstrate how easy it is to get closure to this spiritual lesson before us.

Vibration is a very subjective awareness and somewhat of a feat to teach others on how it reacts inside the body structure. So, allow me abit of creative freedom here from the literal scientific definition. Stretch your scientific imagination and assume the next exercise will demonstrate how quickly friction/ie, vibration can change with your actions.

Put your hands out in front of you, palms together. Now rub them together as fast as you can. You should begin to feel the friction build between them and a sense of heat arise the faster you go. In a very loose interruption of physics, this is how quickly vibration can rise from an external action. Notice how soon after you started rubbing your hands together the balance was thrown off and heat came to the surface. It takes that little of effort to offset human vibrational equilibrium. That is somewhat un-nerving when you think about all the external stimuli we have coming at us every day. The more you live in a malfunctioning body system the more the vibration adapts the heat, the friction, the anger.

Now, stop and pull them apart. Can you feel the sense of coolness replacing the sensation of heat on your palms? Notice how quickly the energy stabilized back to normal without any effort on your part other than stopping the action of rubbing. This demonstrates how simple it truly is to re-set a person’s vibration if you take the time to identify your vibrational tools that get you back to balance.

Where do we start to rebuild our vibrational changes.

Hierarchy of Vibration:

For the sake of argument, let us assume everything carries some kind of vibrational value starting from very low to very high. I mean everything! Every person, place or thing carries some kind of vibrational energy tone. Collectively, these items have determined your vibrational stability.

If you are surrounding yourself with lower vibrational activities and people your balance point will stay low.

If you are surrounding yourself with higher vibrational activities and people your balance point will stay high.

Now, look at your significant people around you. How does that compare with your vibrational status? If you find yourself doing activities and mingling with people less than what your perceived vibrational value is you will be pulled down to that level. It is as if two magnets that dysfunctional attract.

We do not have the power to stop people from engaging in the lower vibrational act of bullying. These thoughts and actions are way down on the vibrational scale of relevance. Like the old adage says: Do not stoop to their level. In this case, don’t stoop to their vibrational level either. That is the worst thing anyone can do. Each one of us do however possess the power to go the opposite direction…………………….way way way up.

If each one of us dedicate ourselves to doing this and teaching our loved ones to do the same, we can change the vibration and energy around all involved.

We must minimize undesirable vibrations thoughts, feelings and actions and increase desirable vibrations.

The more we all take up the challenge of “Vibrational Clean Living,” the easier this kind of work will become. This always start with our vocabulary. The way we speak to one another. How we use words to build people up rather than tearing down is the first step.

Our vocabulary is constantly being word-smithed to keep up with changing times we live in. I believe this should continue to be our first plan of action in raising community conscious vibrational energy. Words have always been and will always be our most gracious, free and simple way to choke out the life force vibration associated with words laden with venom and intent to inflict harm towards others.

I will give you an example. In my book I write about the word “tolerance.” Years ago I suppose this word represented how the majority of people felt towards those who were different from themselves. This word is now archaic and obsolete. For those of us who strive for greater spiritual health feel the word tolerance implies there is something wrong with those who do not live as we do. We, as gracious spiritualist will overlook your impurities and still find it in our hearts to tolerate your ideology. Those days are long gone, thank goodness.

I was addressing a large college student body about this very issue. I began to recite my written words to the crowd before me. The silence that overtook those students in the auditorium was almost too much for me to handle. You could hear a pin drop and all attentions were directed towards the stage. The all-inclusive vibration was an intense and serious buzzing undertone. No one moving and waiting in anticipation for the next word that would bring the whole lesson full circle. Then I read the rest of the story and concluded with the word “Acceptance.” The students broke out into a sigh of relief and collective said yes to the challenge. They are ready to break the chain of vibrational assaults on those different from themselves, are you? Ready to replace the old worn out lower vibrational word of tolerance with a spiritually higher vibrational word of Acceptance for all.

Sending vibrational change your way,