As some of you know, I was the proud owner of a day spa/wellness center for many years while living in the Midwest. It was an exciting journey for me and one that led to an unexpected course.

I tell most of the story in my book, Beyond the Pews; how I became aware of my ability to receive intuitive messages and how I sorted out my personal confusion about them. In the book I leave readers with interactive assignments to ground personal intuitive skills. But that isn’t my whole story as it continues to evolve and transform.

My wellness center offered all of the popular services of the time, massage, facials, and spa treatments. It was literally a hands on business where our clients departed feeling relaxed, calm and pampered. But, at the end of the day, I and some of my practitioners felt spent and tired. Not in a way you would feel after a typical long day at work, drained like an “energetic dead battery.”

 While working in close physical contact with people I realized I was sensing their energy and receiving internal cues about them as they surrendered to a state of relaxed calm. I sensed their emotions in the touch, whether it was sadness, confusion, or happiness and joy. I was not in a position to tell them what I was hearing, so I kept to myself and internalized this unique non-verbal communication. I knew I had to find a way of release in order to feel better and not so burdened, mentally and emotionally.

Finally, it registered that I was missing a huge part of my work and understood I needed to add a restorative system to existing services framing a complete wellness program for my clients. If I didn’t, I was doing them, and myself a disservice. This was the turning point that led me to Reiki.

Plenty is known about the therapeutic benefits of Reiki for the receiver, but little is said about what is gained for the practitioner, especially in my case. What I experienced was my clients were inadvertently able to “dump” their energies to me while I was using touch during facials. I was unwittingly opening the third eye, crown and throat chakras during standard procedures. Their dumped energies permeated the room and the residue was not only affecting me with headaches and tiredness, but unwanted forces were left behind for the next client.

My intuitive awareness began to refine itself after personally working with thousands of clients, and once the Reiki system was put into my practice, it seamlessly integrated with the wellness center services in a very natural order. The Reiki structure combined with intuition is a holistic way of communicating to others internal instructions I was receiving. 

Reiki has a very regimented system and I have been able to educate many incredible students over the years such as healthcare professionals to incorporate in their allopathic solutions, teachers to use in classrooms to calm, real estate agents and interior designers to pair people with their energetic surroundings, musicians to develop their lyrics and music, athletes incorporate Reiki calmness into their training; children use their Reiki energy to calm the self, executives to help in decision making and presentations. 

Everyone has the capacity to tap into the energetic system within their body. Many people call it a gift, I believe it’s a requirement to understand and integrate the full capacity to live in wholeness.