Triumverate: Three powerful or influential people or things existing in relation to each other

The modern domain of health and wellness has embraced and questioned numerous modalities, currently the most widespread being the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Contemporary western beliefs disconnected these sectors, instructing future educators, doctors, and spiritual workers to stay in their own lane and not communicate in a holistic manner. While each component can be dissected to expose the mechanical function, every separation from the whole creates weakness and isolation.

Since 1641 when Rene Descartes published his Meditations on First Philosophy, scientists and philosophers have been at odds about the duality of the mind and body and the thought that they reside in different realms. The mind and matter philosophy and its many factions have been debated for centuries, at times information deliberately suppressed by leaders in numerous groups from churches to students of metaphysical philosophies.

It may sound like an illusion, but I challenge you to consider how much your body, mind and spirit are interdependent. The reality is well-being is predicated on the interaction of the mind and body, and when you factor in intuitive intelligence, emanating from the soul or spirit, you complete the triumverate.

When the body is dissected, doctors see it as a series of parts, and, as you can imagine, when each part is removed from the whole, the body cannot function as it was intended and it is weakened.

The mission of the mind as a control center of the body is of equal importance. Emotions, mental processes, and consciousness all play a pivotal role in the regulation of mind and body function and is also weakened if removed from the equation.

The most misunderstood component of the triumverate, the spirit, soul, or intuition, connects all the other unseen elements that make up the whole of Mind, Body, Spirit thought. Just because we can’t see intuitive thoughts, neurons firing in the brain, or signals causing our body to move, doesn’t mean they aren’t a tangible ingredient of a grounded existence.

Over time, and with advances in technology, western society has shifted back towards the ancient eastern belief in the continuum of the Mind, Body, and Spirit as the whole of our multidimensional beings. When these separate elements are in correct balance, then we can experience their interconnection and well-being.

In my therapeutic sessions, I work with clients to help them get in touch with intuitive intelligence fundamentals to build a foundation for experiencing well-being. Learning to listen to the internal guidance process, and how it relates to signals from the mind and body, can influence the exposure to true well-being. The blending of my intuitive knowledge with my client’s intuitive sensing constructs a cohesive, balanced course of action.

Whether you feel like you need one, or more, consultations to figure out a strategic plan that is best suited for you, I am available to assist. My experience ranges from consulting with individuals, corporations, and business leaders through careful assessment and therapeutic, intuitive counseling. Click the icon to schedule a private appointment today:pencil

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Jillian  is a highly credentialed professional who has used her skills to help individuals, educational institutions, and businesses to reach their goals by using intuition training through individual sessions and leadership development programs.

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