One of the most significant things I’ve done recently is accept an invitation to host a 3-part podcast series on the opioid crisis as it applies to South Carolina. The series was sponsored by the FBI Columbia, SC Citizens Academy Alumni Association as a collaboration with Representative Russell Fry, Attorney Timothy Clay Kulp, and Janice Wright Collier of the organization, The Addict’s Mom.

I’ve been asked several times “how does this series relate to what you do” as an intuitive and leadership consultant?

My answer to that question is intuition has a part in all things, it’s where the answers lie for everything. It doesn’t matter what conversations you are having or what kind of life you are living. I prefer to go past the sensational headlines and reach back into the story, beyond the rational thinking process, and present the story in a way that touches listeners more deeply at the soul level.

In order for the opioid crisis to take  a pivot we have to start feeling it’s social impact more on the inside. Including mass shootings, over-reporting by mainstream media about these two social crises are what breeds numbness, and as soon as we accept them as a normal part of contemporary life, we give up searching for solutions. The topics become sterile and laiden with bureaucratic demagoguery.

The opioid crisis story is only as good as my guests who were hand-picked by a group of individuals that intrinsically understand that this series had to touch people in places where they normally do not respond, the heart and soul. In turn, my job was to filter past the obvious and use my intuition to pose questions intended to bring forth answers which are veridical.

Podcast Series: The Opioid Crisis

1]  The Addict’s Mom, Janice Wright Collier

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2]   Former FBI Agent Attorney Timothy Clay Kulp

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3]   South Carolina Rep. Russell Fry, Chair of the House Opioid Abuse Prevention Study Committee

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Overview of Chasing the Dragon:

A recent documentary by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Drug Enforcement Agency titled Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict depicts the lives of several opioid addicts. The phrase “chasing the dragon” refers to a way of smoking heroin. It usually involves placing powdered heroin on foil and heating it from below with a lighter. The heroin turns to a sticky liquid and wriggles around like a Chinese dragon, thus the term “chasing the dragon.”  The video was developed in an effort to combat the growing epidemic of prescription drug and heroin abuse, and was designed to educate students and young adults about the seductive and dangerous path to drug addiction.

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