When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.  Mahatma Gandhi-

I might be grasping at straws here, but I am going to do my best to persuade the consciousness of our country to put aside the dystopian attitudes for just a few days, namely this Sunday evening and Monday morning. I realize this request may inconvenience those of you who are getting a kick out of emotionally gas-lighting everyone on social media over the recent political upheaval. Trust me, I wouldn’t be requesting your attendance at the illuminating event November 14, 2016, way up in the sky if it wasn’t monumental!

Can we agree that EVERYONE LOVES the MOON?

In fact, some of us are darn right infatuated with its mystical and sensual properties. You may be the daydreamer who yearns to walk/float on its surface some day, the amateur astronomer who recites obscure facts to anyone who listens or the avid photographer waiting to capture an image that reflects the glowing mystique on film.  No matter your reason, it’s one of our most precious celestial gifts without any hidden agendas, political persuasion or needs to impress in any way.  Just a permanent rotating sphere that glows with wonder when the sun retires and lights the way for romantic walks on the beach at night.

So, it seems only reasonable that our hallowed friend from above would unconsciously lend a planetary hand and supply us with a full moon light show that may be happening at the perfect time in history.  Maybe a solar light show of “maj” importance is what we need right now to distract us from the internal conflict that many of you feel.

A spectacular Super Moon that hasn’t happened since 1948 is scheduled to begin late tonight and last till the wee morning on Monday.  The moon will reflect 16% larger than it’s normal size, seen as 30% lighter and orbit 30,000 miles closer to Earth than usual. This will appear to earthlings bigger and brighter than the normal full moon we are used to seeing every month.


According to astrology, this galactic syzygy can cause quite the energy surge.  The long and short of the effect is this; every planet sits in all twelve zodiac signs over a course of a year, moving from one “house” into another. When certain planets align in certain houses combustion happens naturally and can have a lasting effect on every living creature.

If you really want to examine how this cycle affects change, you have to take two specific planets, throw them together in a standard zodiacal algorithmic chart and watch the reading unfold. In the case of this particular full moon cycle, the Sun will be positioned in the house of Scorpio and the Moon directly opposite in the house of Taurus.

How freaking ironic is that!!! Translation in layperson terms; the struggle is real people. Nature is actually mimicking real life at the moment.  When these two particular zodiacs and planetary houses pair together, sparks fly, stuff happens and our tender hearts can sense the static in the air.

Many of you are still reeling internally over the inevitable outcome of the election last week. What’s happening on the astrology plane is intensifying those feelings. The Scorpio side of us yearns to exert some kind of overt power over relationships, money and holding back feelings of bitterness and resentment. Our Taurus side tells us we should seek a more stable, responsible and conciliatory response to change and growth leaving most of us completed ungrounded in the core of the MBS(mind, body, soul) triad.

As Mother Nature’s intuition goes, this Super Moon is coming at a supreme time when we all could use a moment to hit the pause button for a few days. Avoid impulsive situations that can bring out the inner nasty we know we all have somewhere under wraps.  Wait patiently on the sidelines for the Moon’s cycle to move where harmony can again be restored.  Let the energy of this event tonight trickle down the solar system pipeline and create a more gentle cycle of less stress, exciting health, wealth potential and dramatic change to harmony.

Avoid confrontation today if at all possible; ground yourself in nature, a book, or afternoon football if possible. Gather up a lawn chair or two, sit in the direction of rising moon and look upward bout half past eight.  Toss your favorite bubble out in the moonlight to capture the rays just for good measure and remember the wise word from Mahatma Gandhi…

When we take the time to admire the beauty of the moon our souls have the capacity to expand with creation. Imagine the change we could achieve if we all took the time tonight to make that happen…ah, just the thought of that sends shivers down my spine.