My kids reminded me of an analogy I used relentlessly as they were growing up.  Our family dog was a super rambunctious Border Collie. She was constantly on the move and forever getting into new doggie adventures anywhere she could.  If you know anything about this breed they are extremely intelligent and trainable, yet easily bored if not constantly entertained by something in front of them.  

Years after living with our Border Collie, “Lilly,” and watching this herding dog in action, I began to notice intriguing behaviors about her.  Depending on what task she was presented with, whether fetching a ball or herding up stray children, she would repeat, repeat, and repeat the same tracking pattern.  For the most part, she would follow along the exact line in the yard. But sometimes she would go rogue an “throw” the whole game off and randomly fetch the ball in an entirely  unorthodox direction, darting here and there just for the fun of it and find the toy in the end.

For some odd reason, I decided to use this canine expression as a way to educate my kids on how to strategize and pose this internal question when they were at a loss on making sound decisions, “Am I choosing to act like a rote Border Collie and repeat the same behavior OR  like a free-range Border Collie and follow a more unconventional course?

Let’s take a look at life coach experiences where you are “coached” in a specific strategy, given precise step-by-step directions to attain objectives. Sometimes this structured, mechanical way of programming works, but sometimes it doesn’t because redundancy is the killer of creativity.

Lilly the Border Collie

Lilly the Border Collie

Free-range Border Collies assume the courageous position that alternate courses of action are available and they are willing to assert differing tactics to reach their intended objective.

As I told my children, and I tell you now, there is a time and a place to employ the strategy of a rote Border Collie or to think outside the puppy box and go free-range!

By frequently assessing past methods you can learn what’s working and what’s not working, and release stagnant strategies in favor of one that illuminates growth and a new way of reaching aspirations.

As we come to the end of another year, and the beginning of a new one, it’s a good time to take a fresh look at old strategies. It is a time of change, out with the rote, in with the free-range.

Whether you feel like you need one or more consultations to assess changes for the new year, I am available to assist you in discovering a distinctive, free-range strategy towards success. My experience ranges from working with individuals, corporations and businesses through careful assessment and therapeutic, intuitive counseling.

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I dedicate this blog to the only dog my children knew growing up, Lilly Pop.  Thanks for the wisdom you taught us and the love you left behind in each one of us.  

Sincerely, The Backman Family