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The Silence Between the Waves

We work diligently to protect the oceans from over-pollution that is spoiling our waters for all time and, quite possibly, ringing the death knell for our planet. But we know we cannot survive without the blue waters of the oceans on every level of our existence.


Mankind is sitting quite precipitously on the edge of extinction; not unlike other species who have not survived the turmoil of our ever-changing earth. Violence is part of daily life. We focus on human-against-human contact yet ignore the turbulent cycles of mother nature expressing herself through great storms, erupting volcanoes, shattering earthquakes, and devastating fire. How much of it is our doing, or how much of it is nature following its course?

The planet cycles through thousands of years without cataclysmic shifts, but change is never too far from the surface. I’m not going to pretend to comprehend or explain the geologic and biological elements that sustain life on this dynamic planet. I do, however, understand how our individual channels of intuitive energy are equipped with an inner compass as the way to navigate this world in which we live.

Progression of nature is acknowledged by those who listen to and observe through internal, intuitive guidance. Consider the ancient Polynesian mariners who traveled thousands of miles through uncharted bodies of water without any navigational tools or maps. Their survival depended solely on their skills of sensing the ocean swells along with rhythms of the water, charting paths of stars, sky, sun, and shapes of clouds along their ocean journeys.

Polynesian Mariners

The navigational knowledge developed by the mariners was memorized and passed down to future generations, eventually replaced by contemporary technology of the day. Their intuitive sensing slowly disintegrated the reliance on internal instinct to technologically-assisted navigation skills.

Like the Polynesian mariners, we also hold the gift of intuitive sensing both before and after birth. Our intuitive connections grant us access to cooperate and work with past, present, and future earth cycles, but we don’t hear them well anymore. As we age, we face distractions that mute this internal connection to self and soul.

How do we reach a new level of connection in our own lives?

Begin by listening to the silence between the waves.

What exactly does that mean?

First we must remember the meditative state; that is the art of reflecting inward to experience a universal flow of energy where internal intuitive cues reside and can be used as directional tools.

Many believe our breath can tap into this invisible flow, much like the action of the ocean’s waves, coming in, going out — and in that instant of silence between, we find the sweet spot of acknowledgment where we aren’t coming or going, but we are present.

A precise moment of stillness occurs between the ocean swells when mother nature grants us mere seconds to retreat and find perfect peace within. When opaque waters become clear, sound evaporates and one is left with nothing but the quiet seconds of intuitive reflection. This awakened channel of intuitive energy occasionally comes like a tidal surge, and other times a slow drip of integration. It’s the moments of stillness we should seek to bring intuitive clarity and direction.

Meditation Silence Between the Waves

It’s not realistic, however, to assume that we can run to the ocean everytime we need to reflect intuitively. We must understand that the silence between the waves is always inside us … it’s only a matter of teaching ourselves how to find it.

Learning to use intuitive cues is a personal journey, one that I have guided many into traveling. Teaching a typical Type A personality to find the calm can be challenging, but never impossible. I run into bumps in the road in my own life which can upset the balance of my natural abilities, creating a storm in otherwise tranquil waters. Afterall, we are simply human.

In my book, BEYOND THE PEWS, I discuss not only my personal path, but how intuition is always just below the surface for all of us. One of my favorite teachings is, “Intuitive sensing is not a separate sense, rather, it is a basic property that resides within you and manifests through the other senses.

Become Your Own Polynesian Mariner

Seek and explore uncharted waters both physically and spiritually

Circle back to your natural beginnings with imbued intuitive soulful sensing

Never to forget the silence between the waves.

Where thoughts we know connect with the thoughts of the unknown

The original source of all since the creation of time.

-Jillian Maas Backman

Listen …. Can you hear it?