Private Consultations

JIllian will conduct intuitive assessments, identify the obstacles that keep you from moving forward, and suggest resolutions that will put you on the path towards personal fulfillment, improvement and success. These are intense and effective meetings that address your specific needs.

You will receive a personalized e-sheet of exercises and a “to-do” list like no other you have seen before. Whether you have an appointment every week or six months, your session with Jillian is different each time because change is always constant.

Intuitive Phone and/or Video Chat Consultations

One-on-one, private exchange over the phone or via video chat (Zoom/FaceTime/Google Meet).

Jillian has clientele all over the world, and accessibility is the key to change. Each session addresses specific needs and issues as if you were sitting with Jillian in her office. You receive the same intuitive advice and direction to further your progress. Many people choose this option for the convenience and ease of scheduling time that works with availability and location.


Private Consultation

Intuitive Group Connections with Jillian

Who wouldn’t like a taste of Change Already!

Jillian Maas BackmanWe gather virtually through Zoom as a sophisticated and organic group demonstrating how we can connect with one another on a soul level.

By facilitating the group, I’m able to offer the stimulus for ideas and concepts through brainstorming with each person in a short amount of time. We meet for 1 hour and 15 minutes giving each person the chance to ask 1 question while we explore the possibilities together. At the end of the session we take time for an open debriefing and feedback for the group.

Doesn’t this sound interesting and fun?

I’m offering a variety of options such as Energy De-blocking, Color Vibes and Moods, Relationship Insights, Life Purpose (the big picture), Mental and Physical Wellbeing, and Business Insights. Or, we can explore a topic of your choice.

Everyone who has participated thus far is blown away by what was accomplished for them. I want to extend this to you as another way to find meaningful connections in this time of global chaos.

Intuitive Connecting with Jillian is a gift to yourself, your close friends and your souls. Jillian is able to make spontaneous, meaningful connections from one friend’s question and experience to another friend’s life experience. Thank you for having us, I loved it and I’m using all the advice you gave us! -CM


  • Maximum of 4 people, $200 fee divided by participants, Lead Person will be invoiced
  • Agree upon and choose one topic from the above list for the session, or a topic of your choice. (notify prior to session date)
  • Each person comes with 1 question and is alloted 15 minutes while others observe
  • Last section of the session is for informal debriefing and interactive discussion
  • When payment is confirmed, Jillian will contact Lead Person and set the time and date.