Kind of a weird title for an article, don’t you think? Follow my track and you’ll get it, I promise!

When I first relocated to the beach I lived in the perfect modern condo, close and convenient to restaurants, shopping and community activities. But, there was something about the open concept that bothered me; my counter surfing cat! She spent a lot of time in the kitchen area with me as I love to prepare meals for friends and family, but it was a battle to keep her precious paws away from hot stove burners as well as my prep areas.

I recently purchased my new “old” home with all the vintage mid-century features I have always desired. It’s a huge contrast to the shiny and new McMansions built in the area, but as the trend is heading to smaller spaces, this home is perfect for myself and my husband, empty nesters enjoying a simpler lifestyle.

After moving in and living in the home for a week or so, I decided it was time to do my intuitive walkthrough to see where the energy would take me. Beginning at the front door, I went room to room with my unconscious chi and felt a blockage somewhere. I couldn’t yet put my finger on what wasn’t jiving with the movement.

I entered one room at a time. Everything was flowing fine in the bedroom, bathrooms, dining and living room. The only room left, and the exit to the other side of the house, was the kitchen. BOOM! I hit the proverbial energetic blockage. Specifically, it hit me in the heart. I live in my kitchen, how could this be? This is where my heart lies, the heart of my home!

When purchasing a home with prior residents it will carry past energies throughout. I always take the time to explore this intuitively and create a space that is holistically my own. I often have to bridge some gaps or remove blockages in the past energy. I realized during my intuitive walk through that it was the kitchen presenting the hole in the vortex. My next challenge was to eliminate the blockage and the energetic hole. 

It felt like I was an alien in my own kitchen. It was not a part of the whole, but stood apart from the rest of the house. There was a separation like a detached garage, the complete opposite of what a kitchen should be; a gathering place to share a glass of wine with friends and family, and share the joy of the cooking process. And, that stove was dangerous for my counter surfing cat!

I gazed at the big, white stove equipped with archaic electric burners, self cleaning oven, and dials that turned to the left, and a thought crossed my mind. What would happen if I eliminated the source, the stove! 

I realized my house was vintage, my kitchen was outdated, and didn’t fit my newfound freedom to enjoy life, play with my friends, and cuddle with the cat! The one thing that represented the shackles between my freestyle life and my joy of cooking was the old stove. 

Trash day was coming in two days. You know how it is when you get a crazy idea and say, what difference does it make? So, I decided to pull out my over-the-range microwave along with the old white stove and dragged them to the curb. It wasn’t long before someone stopped and loaded it on the back of their pickup. My thoughts were, what the hell have I just done, there’s no turning back now!

tiny kitchen

Why did I do this? Because it was a hunch that as we are trending smaller there was something better to be found. Holistic living includes downsizing and surrounding yourself with significant items of value. The stove, to me, represented an old way of living with the past, and I needed to follow my hunch to create a different, but efficient, way into the future.

I filled the space in the counter with a butcher block containing storage underneath for my instant pot, air fryer, Nutribullet and all the other gadgets I relish using. They are now the staple items in my kitchen. I was worried that I may not be able to prepare some of the complex meals the way I like, using fancy ingredients and high-brow presentations, but that has not been the case. All of my tools work synergistically to create perfect meals.

My microwave was replaced with a convection/microwave oven that bakes and roasts like a dream. I also purchased a one-burner induction cook-top that can readily be returned to storage when not in use. Thus solves the problem of burning the paws of my sweet Sadie cat!

The reactions when I told people what I had done have been interesting. Some were fascinated to know all about how I was able to make the transition, others were disapproving that I ditched the American staple, a big stove. 

old stove

Goodbye old stove! Out forever!

When intuition interacts with creative design juices, I feel compelled to follow. Afterall, who says a vintage kitchen can’t be a part of the future!