As we travel through the journey of life we tend to measure milestones reached according to the dictates of our personal success and visions for the future. But, what happens when those intentions change with circumstances? Or, the vision for your future takes another path?

Growing up is hard to do

At birth we are intuitive beings lovingly in touch with our inner selves. But, as we develop within the family, and later within the community, our intuitive, soul language is suppressed and we learn new ways to communicate. 

We are taught to mirror the attitudes of those around us; parents, teachers, and other family members, molded by what society deems acceptable, the outer self. All the while misplacing our connection to the inner self and losing our ability to evaluate intuitively.

Logical thinking and intuitive reasoning are often in conflict with each other when, in reality, they should compliment and balance. We become comfortable with logical or linear thinking because of predictable outcomes. The same does not apply for the latter. When relying on inner trust and following our gut we feel uneasy because we can not always anticipate the outcome. 

Change….. Who asked for it?

As adults we are influenced by the world around us, caring more about our outer self and what others think of us. The impact and guidance of higher education directing our decision making processes are deemed more important than listening to what our inner voice says.

In our 20’s we become seekers, searching for the perfect school, career, the perfect mate, or the perfect lifestyle. Unfortunately, our brains have not reached maximum development when it comes to making informed decisions. Oftentimes, we make rash decisions based on peer pressure, family pressure, or what was learned in school, forgetting to consult our intuitive selves.

However, ..”as rough as the 20’s can be, I’ve found this group to have open souls. Speaking at universities has given me insight to the fact that along with seeking their life path, they are still tuned into their intuitive selves.”

During our 30’s and 40’s, we live in a decade of high activity.  Careers are flourishing, partnerships are taking shape and children are arriving. Our personal intuition frequently becomes suppressed and introspection seems more of a luxury and should be a necessity.

If left to its natural course, intuitive thought flows from individual ideology to an inclusion of others in our circles. If we have been re-invented as parents, it can mean turning our own intuitive introspection towards consideration of our children. At each stage of their growth we guide them into the next phase. Our children’s intuitive abilities are also reshaped as they become more acquainted with, and dependent on, the world and its expectations.

Some choose a career success path instead of children and family, but experience a similar pattern of over-extended time restraints in addition to reaching for success goals that are now within view. It’s at this crossroads that our intuitive intelligence is most important.  We need to have clarity and know exactly which steps to take next by reflecting inward for intimate responses. 

During our 50s, 60s, and beyond, we tend to be more reflective and altruistic in nature. Intuitive influences mature at this midpoint in life and advance to a stage of wisdom if correctly nurtured. Being at the top of the opportunities in careers, mindful that our children are grown, and cognizant of the fact that our legacy looms nearer, we seek wise counsel by using the knowledge gained during our lifetime experiences.

It’s Never Too Late

Photo by Nashua Volquez

Discovering the wisdom of elders provides a diverging perspective of life on our planet, and once again, our self has been re-invented by all the decades of previous practical knowledge and understanding. There is no substitute for the maturity gained through experience.

In some cases, the physical body, and/or the mind, may weaken, but the light of the spirit continues to illuminate the intuitive soul until departure. It’s a time of great joy, of sharing and advising with self confidence and no expectations. The elder re-invented self realizes that life is not perfect, and that each moment and each decade is to be savored.  – Jillian

The good news is no matter what stage of development, the constant is your intuitive nature, you can always rely on it. So, if you are waiting for the perfect time to seize this opportunity to transition from one milestone to the next, the time is now. Schedule an appointment with me today to seamlessly make the passage.  

Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, right now is the only time we’ve got. -Dennis Fairchild


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Jillian is a highly credentialed professional who has used her skills to help individuals, educational institutions, and businesses to reach their goals by using intuition training through individual sessions and leadership development programs.

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