The coronavirus pandemic has affected us in unprecedented ways and created distinct challenges in all aspects of our lives. Such challenges include social distancing and gathering in groups. But! I must say Zoom has rescued millions of us, don’t you think? 

Your positive feedback about the Zoom Group Intuitive Connections has encouraged several to subscribe for the experience.

The most often asked questions I receive surround the contrast of group vs private sessions and the benefits of each. 

I’ve discovered that in a group setting individuals attending together are often bonded by a common social intuitive challenge. Unbeknownst to each other, you may have similar issues to examine, however, if a subject matter is too personal you may want to expand on it in private.

Private consultations allow you to explore real time solutions to real time issues, or a gut check during an unstable situation. In private, I am tuned in to the commonality between myself and you and the flow of intuition linking us. Afterwards there is a disconnect of intuitive energy, which is significant only for you, to make room for the energy of someone else.

During this time of isolation I find people, myself included, tend to give in to rumination, over and over allowing the thoughts in your head to lead to confusion. It’s gratifying to virtually gather with your friends and collectively receive intuitive insights that may ignite change as an alliance.

Although plenty can be accomplished in a small amount of time, group sessions are often intuitively unpredictable, although you aren’t personally responsible for the entire path the group is on, only your own overlay of intuitive thought.

My first choice has always been face-to-face, there is something magical about the physical closeness allowing energies to circulate between us. Nevertheless, I feel fortunate to have technology at my disposal through this time of personal distancing. Phone, email, or video sessions have always been offered, so this new way of meeting is merely a beneficial expansion of those services.

No one knows how long this crisis will last, but I’m certain we will emerge stronger than ever before. I know I’m looking forward to the return to social activities and community integration that is so meaningful for human interaction.

I hope all of your families and friends are safe and healthy, and I appreciate your support during this time of unrest.

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