Individual Intuitive Sessions

One-on-One, in person,  private consultations

These are intense and effective meetings that address your specific needs. Jillian will conduct intuitive assessments, identify the obstacles that keep you from moving forward, and suggest resolutions that will put you on the path you need to follow towards personal fulfillment, improvement, and success.

You will receive a personalized e-sheet of exercises and a “to do” list like no other you have ever seen before. These tools will help you to compartmentalize the information you received; they will help guide you in using that information, and they will make that knowledge work for you. Whether you have an appointment every other week or every 6 months, your time with Jillian is different each and every time you meet, because change is always constant.

Intuitive Phone Consultations & Internet Consultations

One-on-One, private exchange over the phone or via Internet

Jillian has clientele all over the world, and accessibility is the key to change when evolving to a higher person, both internally and externally. Each phone session addresses your specific needs and issues as if you were sitting with Jillian in her office. You still get the same intuitive advice and direction to help you further your spiritual and emotional progress. Many people choose this option for the convenience and ease of scheduling a time that works with their availability or location.



Private Consultation


Public Engagements

“Get the Edge!” intuitive leadership development combines intuitive interpretation with critical thinking and traditional problem-solving techniques which allow attendees creative ways to build their leadership skills by learning the significance of their internal thought processes and enhancing successful goals.

Jillian is available for presentations, workshops, speaking engagements, seminars, and corporate training.

To schedule Jillian Maas Backman for your next event, please contact ImaginePublicity at 843.808.0859 or email: [email protected]