Time and time again business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals recite stories of how their personal intuition has catapulted their ideas and relationships to a new degree of success. Some are born with it, others learn through years of coaching, and use intuitive thought to produce a track record of expanded results.

Intuition, in its purest form, is not just another perk or benefit you have over your competitive allies. Don’t be fooled into thinking by adding “intuition” as an offering in your toolbox that it will elevate you to succeed. That’s simply perception without justification.

So, what is your authentic truth? What attributes listed below do you think you have or do you know you have?

This is the litmus test and if you can apply one or more of these attributes to something that you’ve said or done, you may be a true intuitive.


“When you push on something there is an equal and opposite force pushing back.”

Intuition is a lifestyle based upon the principles of symmetry; that is, it’s cyclical.

To whit, in Greek history symmetry is described as: “agreement in dimensions, due proportions and arrangements. In everyday language it refers to a sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance.”

Our intuitive thoughts and actions are automatic – the commitment is adapting it as your truth every second of every day.


Along with Commitment comes the ability to sustain the intuitive balance long-term. It’s not like a shiny trinket on display that has special powers over others. In fact, it is more of a discipline that requires a deep and continuous connection between your conscious and unconscious self; something that is not an easy task.


Commitment and Sustainability can only be attained by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, trust in the process, and letting go of controlled outcomes. To a certain extent, living an intuitive lifestyle can reduce worry, fear, and anxiety because it takes guesswork out of the equation and allows you to truly live in the moment. 

Group Think

For Commitment, Sustainability and Vulnerability to co-exist, you must surround yourself with like-minded people who also live by the concepts and truths of intuitive living, understanding that each and every thought and action potentially affects the desired outcomes for yourself and, more importantly, others.


If you question whether you are properly using personal intuition as a guidepost to living an authentic life I can help you sort it out.

In my professional consultations we build upon a foundation of truth, apply the principles of commitment and vulnerability to achieve a sustainable intuitive lifestyle of authenticity.  

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