As a die hard “gadget girl” who strives to eat intuitively and healthy, my Nutribullets are like my best friends, always there to go for a spin, reliable and ready to assist me to be the best I can be. – Jillian Maas Backman


Ok, true confessions time! I have struggled with my weight and healthy nutrition goals for many years. 

As some of you know, I began a career in modeling during my college years, so I had to maintain an acceptable weight to go further in the profession. Being young, with a youthful metabolism, it wasn’t that difficult for me to achieve.

Fast forward through earning my psychology degree, getting married, beginning a family, supporting my husband in his career track and kicking off my own new business ventures, as you can imagine, healthy eating and weight maintenance took a back seat.

Now, here I am, presently standing up to the challenge of healthy, intuitive eating and what that means to me personally. Not only do I enjoy food, I delight in everything about the preparation, cooking, presentation, and of course the pleasure of the meal.

I’m also a “gadget girl!” and I’m ready to endorse one of my favorites, Nutribullet! 

I began my journey with Nutribullet using their smaller version for smoothies and juicing. I added protein powders, collagens, and fresh fruits and veggies to make a tasty meal replacement. 

I was dedicated and committed to make this new eating plan work for me and started out fast and strong every day. Everything I made in the Nutribullet was delicious and made me feel invincible from the inside out.

Time wandered along and dedication to my Nutribullet tapered off, kind of like the exercise bike in the corner of the bedroom.  But, it was still being used for many other purposes in my cooking regimen. 


I’ve come to realize that I’m not one of those super thin, diet and exercise groupies that are faithful to their craft, but just an ordinary person who wants to eat well to feel well.

As I’ve aged, I’ve become more conscious of the importance of healthy relationships with family and friends, and to food. My friend and I practice Tai Chi and, not only do we enjoy the practice, we found that we also like putting healthy meals together. Along with new recipes, one of the tools that is always around is my Nutribullet for creating creamy dressings, or fine chopping vegetables for a salad or poke bowl. 

A few years ago I upgraded to the Nutribullet Rx which pulverizes the ingredients and produces steamy, hot, and delicious soup. I’ve recently been adding Chakra soups to my intuitive nutrition teachings and there’s just no other way that makes soup so quick and easy. 

As I go along, I make small, intuitive choices for myself by choosing things like soup, smoothies, and other things I can make in the Nutribullet and not grab for a handful of chips or other unhealthy foods. Of course, I shouldn’t be buying them in the first place, or have them in my house, but when shopping the grocery aisles, this is always in the back of my mind.

Much of intuitive eating is about fulfilling immediate cravings and making a choice that your body, mind and spirit knows is best for you. Is it wrong to eat a bag of chips now and then? No, it’s all about creating balance based on your personal, intuitive nutritional needs in the moment and beyond. 

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Jillian  is a highly credentialed professional who has used her skills to help individuals, educational institutions, and businesses to reach their goals by using intuition training through individual sessions and leadership development programs.

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