In the next few days, our world will transition to the new year. It’s unbelievable what we have survived in 2020, but … what are we able to leave behind, and what will we do to make 2021 different and better?

Drilling down to our country, our communities, and our personal lives, we will transition, and there will be change. Now is the time to take stock of your personal role and how the transition looks to you.

Intuitively speaking, we all have the ability to hear our souls’ messages and collectively initiate a year of better health, wealth, and guidance for all.


Too many have not survived this year due to a global pandemic that was quickly thrust upon us. Survivors and the recovered are bearing messages and lessons learned from their experiences for the rest of us to hear and understand.

While we would like to forget the overwhelming demands put on us as humans in 2020, we would also be wise to face them and learn from them going forward.

We will “emerge” into 2021 with the hope of a better future, the hope of recovery, and hope of survival, but along with hope, we all must take a close look at changing the paradigm of 2020.
Release stagnant strategies in favor of one that illuminates growth and a new way of reaching aspirations. Let’s strive to EMERGE and CHANGE ALREADY!


Clean out the old and bring in the new!

Cleansing rituals are symbolic communications that bypass the logical mind and tap into the soul’s language or intuitive patterns that strengthen the structure of resolutions or intentions for the New Year.

Rituals are a simple way to energetically release, rebuild, rewire, and reset an expanded vision for our lives. They are as diverse as letting go of the past, accessing prosperity, or finding romance.

Remember as you prepare for your New Year’s cleansing that to successfully tap into a ritual’s power, one must also train the brain to connect to the soul messages.

Are you in need of personal exploration before embarking on 2021??


As the clock strikes midnight, 2020 is completed. Yes, it’s over!!

Take time to reflect gently on disappointments and breakdowns, but more important, celebrate personal accomplishments no matter how small they may seem.

Collectively we can celebrate new beginnings and focus on a positive future for our country, our communities, and our families. It’s time to dig deep into inner divine power and reflect love back to our world.

What is your vision for 2021? Exhale all that is holding you back energetically, nurture yourself, and validate your needs. Be gentle with yourself and understand we are preparing for a significant transformation in the New Year.