Balancing positive energy in home design

Balancing positive energy in home design

The simplest and easiest way to begin change and growth is in the space we call “HOME.

Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design and I have been working together for several years and had a kismet moment during one of our regular brainstorming meetings of bringing positive energy to home design. This isn’t a new idea, there’s  lots of other material out there on the subject, however, many still do not understand what we’re talking about, or its benefits.

We believe there is an indelible link between the expertise of our respective fields where interior design and intuition intersect, and a natural partnership between the inner and outer self resides.

I jumped at the invitation by Susan to be a part of her video series for Sweet Peas Designs, to be on camera with her and see how our interest in assisting others would translate. As you can tell by the results, we had a ball during the short interaction.

We popped on the phrase “positive energy” because everyone is familiar with it, but do you really know how to live it, especially in the home where it should be the easiest place to find inner happiness?  

Take a quiet moment in your own space and ask yourself this simple, but strategic question,                  

                     Does your home make you feel like you have come home?

Watch for more colorful video insights from Susan and I in the near future……….