My writing partner, Jan Bilgen and I are very proud to be a part of the wonderfully appointed magazine created by WomanScape! The latest issue is titled ENGINES and features many top global changemakers along with stunning photographs and other art.

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The first article Jan and I wrote for WomanScape, “Finding your lane, to “Change Already! appeals to all of our internal senses, unconscious and conscious points of view which are elementary and may be less prominent. Obviously, the first is the written word.

Every aspect of our column is centered with the perspective that each of us have a personal compass directing our growth. Our role is to nudge you to find authentic ways to restructure, regroup, and pivot as these current turbulent times require.

“Our articles are designed to affect change where YOU believe is needed and how to make it happen.”  

Jan Bilgen and Jillian Maas Backman

In ENGINES we asked you to tear out or print the page containing the photo. This wasn’t meant to deface the magazine, but to add another level of sense, touch, or kinetic response. The motion of tearing out, or printing, the page creates a moving reaction of energy from one to another. Kinetic energy is now generating a new pattern of motion in the brain, preparing for the next round of senses, the visual sense and interpretation of the photo in the article. It’s a physical prompt to start the process of change.   

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “the road less traveled,” but in this instance Jan and I decided to modify it to “the road well traveled” when referring to the photo used for the article. (Before you continue, please complete assignment #1 from the ENGINES issue, link above)

Interactive, Reflective Photo

We chose the photo of this particular bridge because the significant message lies within the flow of the water and it’s construction. Winyah Bay, located in Georgetown, SC, is juxtaposed between saltwater and freshwater which flow back and forth with the tides. However, most people only experience the journey across the bridge and miss the unconscious inspiration of change. 

Not visible is the intermixing of the body of water along with plantlife and sea creatures that are able to live harmoniously. It represents the fact that change is constantly flowing and mixing just like the exchange of thoughts and actions. 

The interpretation of the three pillars of support vary with the individual, but they symbolize intelligence, intuition, and emotion which are intertwined and sustained as a whole. All three are the basis and necessary components for balanced transformation.

The photo was taken during the “golden hour” and meant to ignite conversations about the significance of shadows,darkness and light, and how color plays a part in the natural order of change.

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