After posting the video and short blurb last week about my appearance with Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design addressing Positive Energy in the Home, I felt like I needed to expound on some of the points we only quickly covered. Here’s the video again so you can see and hear what we talked about:



What exactly do we mean by positive energy in the home?

When talking about positive energy we first have to agree on the fact that everything we do has some kind of daily impression on our moods and feelings that lasts way past the event.  Reflect on the last couple of days.  What pops to your mind first; a conversation you had with someone that left either a positive or negative impression in your mind?  Or, perhaps, a situation that has been haunting you that was left unfinished?

I bring this thought process forward to demonstrate how when people, things, and space are all aligned how much easier it is to expand, exponentially, assist in your growth, the growth of your family and friends, and symbiotic growth together.  

By selecting objects, furniture, and color that call to you, you are delivering a personal energy to your home. Think about what you feel, not necessarily what you see. Does the color palette soothe you or spark you? Do your furnishings comfort you or give you a sense of belonging?

When we talk about change, we are addressing the explosion of personal potential in all areas, including your home. While we are experiencing massive change all around us, our homes should be a place of sanctuary, quiet contentment, and a space where we can connect and sort out our feelings about the changes of the world.


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