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“True powerful leaders that perfected the art of using Head-Heart-Insight Leadership are able to create compassionate team cooperation and foster holistic solutions and decisions.”   – Jillian Maas Backman

Individuals, Corporate Executives, Business Teams, and more.

Business Leader/ Individual

Whether you are deciding on a career path or wanting an extra push with achieving your business goals, one-on-one consultation services are offered to those interested in business development and leadership.

Teams or Groups


Teamwork and group discussions can be beneficial to all members of those participating. If you’re a business leader, you can give your team the double edge to executing company goals and decisions.

Seminars & Public Speaking

Available to speak at public settings, such as corporate, seminars, universities, and more. Find more about these services by clicking here.


Examine leadership styles from past to present, including logic, intuition observation and experience.


Combines intuitive interpretation with critical thinking and
traditional problem solving techniques, allowing attendees creative ways to build
their leadership skills by learning the significance of their internal thought
processes and enhancing successful goals.


Learn how to connect and cultivate your inner self talk and feelings, your inner positive dialog.


personal paradigm shifts, integrating established methods of leadership
development and adding the element of intuition to create that balance.


Learn how to transform decisions from traditional binary platform (using one skill at a time) to continuum action (working in tandem with each other).


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