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The Triumverate of Well-Being

Triumverate: Three powerful or influential people or things existing in relation to each other

The modern domain of health and wellness has embraced and questioned numerous modalities, currently the most widespread being the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Strategies: Old vs New

By frequently assessing past methods you can learn what’s working and what’s not working, release stagnant strategies in favor of one that illuminates growth and a new way of reaching aspirations.

Silence Between the Waves, Do You Hear it?

I had the distinct pleasure to pass this article on to WomanScape Founder, Rose McInerney, as an inspiration for her October theme, "In the Spirit of Wise Women." Please be sure to visit WomanScape.Com for all the insightful articles, and especially Jillian Maas...

Words Hurt!

WORDS HURT. Your profound awareness of this can change the world one phrase at a time!  The new Time's Up Movement is growing out of the sexual assault scandal involving Harvey Weinstein and "addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have...

The Black and White of It All

I recently had a once-in-a-lifetime experience with world-famous wildlife photographer David Yarrow. Yarrow expertly grabs the essence of his subjects in the simple form of black and white photography. I was in awe of both the man and his works that were showcased in an exhibition at the Hilton/Asmus Contemporary gallery in Chicago.

Intuitive Litmus Test of Authenticity (Series)

  Time and time again business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals recite stories of how their personal intuition has catapulted their ideas and relationships to a new degree of success. Some are born with it, others learn through years of coaching, and use...

Home Design Begins with Positive Energy

The simplest and easiest way to begin change and growth is in the space we call “HOME.” Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design and I have been working together for several years and had a kismet moment during one of our regular brainstorming meetings of bringing...

Gig By The Sea

    The March Madness college basketball tournament is one of the most popular sporting events annually held in America. Throughout this month chosen schools will face off with “one-and-done” games until the last team reign supreme and crowned victors of the national...

Chaos to Calm: FREE Event with Jillian Maas Backman & Paula Cross

Do you find it challenging to achieve peace, quiet, and joy in your life? Are you caught up in worry and discouragement about situations in our world played out in the headlines? Treat yourself and join us for the dual expression of words and music with two creative...