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Remove the Stove

  Kind of a weird title for an article, don’t you think? Follow my track and you’ll get it, I promise! When I first relocated to the beach I lived in the perfect modern condo, close and convenient to restaurants, shopping and community activities. But, there was...

Re-Invention of Self

As we travel through the journey of life we tend to measure milestones reached according to the dictates of our personal success and visions for the future. But, what happens when those intentions change with circumstances? Or, the vision for your future takes another...

Intuitive Eating Aided by Nutribullet

  As a die hard “gadget girl” who strives to eat intuitively and healthy, my Nutribullets are like my best friends, always there to go for a spin, reliable and ready to assist me to be the best I can be. - Jillian Maas Backman   Ok, true confessions time! I...

The Opioid Crisis in South Carolina 3-Part Podcast Series

One of the most significant things I’ve done recently is accept an invitation to host a 3-part podcast series on the opioid crisis as it applies to South Carolina. The series was sponsored by the FBI Columbia, SC Citizens Academy Alumni Association as a collaboration with Representative Russell Fry, Attorney Timothy Clay Kulp, and Janice Wright Collier of the organization, The Addict’s Mom.

The Triumverate of Well-Being

Triumverate: Three powerful or influential people or things existing in relation to each other

The modern domain of health and wellness has embraced and questioned numerous modalities, currently the most widespread being the integration of Mind, Body, and Spirit.  

Strategies: Old vs New

By frequently assessing past methods you can learn what’s working and what’s not working, release stagnant strategies in favor of one that illuminates growth and a new way of reaching aspirations.

Silence Between the Waves, Do You Hear it?

I had the distinct pleasure to pass this article on to WomanScape Founder, Rose McInerney, as an inspiration for her October theme, "In the Spirit of Wise Women." Please be sure to visit WomanScape.Com for all the insightful articles, and especially Jillian Maas...

Words Hurt!

WORDS HURT. Your profound awareness of this can change the world one phrase at a time!  The new Time's Up Movement is growing out of the sexual assault scandal involving Harvey Weinstein and "addresses the systemic inequality and injustice in the workplace that have...