This book is part biography, part poetry, and all spiritual guidance. It’s the story of the growth of an intuitive, and it’s a workbook for readers to come to understand and contribute to the essential interdependence of human and angelic beings. Backman writes with color and grace, and invites us all on a journey of pure joy.

Louise Marley, author of Mozart’s Blood and The Brahms Deception

Beyond the PewsIn her interactive autobiography, Jillian shares the personal account of her journey from spiritual innocence into a religious wilderness where she often hid behind her father’s powerful preacher’s robe.  For many years she hoped her intuitive gifts would simply go away, but they never did.  “I remained reclusive within the untainted spirit world until I became comfortable with my spiritual individuality and emerged from the sacred shadows into the awakened light of day.” Jillian eventually learned to embrace the duality of her traditional religious upbringing and her connection with uncensored, untainted spirit.

Jillian believes we have entered into the “second phase of spiritual awakening.”  In this new era, there is no reason to abandon the deep convictions many of us hold towards our religious lineage.  Nor is there need to forsake our innate sense of spiritual exploration.  We have the right to have both, to experience “practical spirituality.”

In Beyond the Pews, you will follow the fascinating life story of a woman who heard angelic communications and received soulful insights from a world rarely visible to the naked eye. As a child in the church of her minister father, the author saw angels lingering in every space — tall ones, short ones, chubby ones. And she saw colors — colors encircling people. Transparent colors in every hue of the rainbow poured out before her eyes. After years of processing these faith-based sensory perceptions, she discovered the soul’s natural intuitive language.

Award-winning radio personality and Intuitive Life Coach Jillian Maas Backman offers valuable ways for you to connect with your spiritual intuition. Interactive sections offer soul lessons to help you understand your own faith experiences and natural intuitive talents. Explore ways to Chart your Divine Energy Rhythm, find the difference in Art of Doing versus the Art of Being, and learn how to analyze colors seen. This extraordinary book guides you to a deeper awareness of God s constant loving presence in our lives, and enables you to grow from a religious, dogmatic cocoon into an active, awakened, etheric butterfly.

  • Paperback: 226 pages
  • Publisher: Lake Street Press (July 5, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1936181347
  • ISBN-13: 978-1936181346
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Jillian Maas Backman is a gifted intuitive, a generous and amazing empath, and a treasured teacher who brings all of those characteristics and qualities into each of our homes with her autobiography and spiritual guidebook, Beyond the Pews.  Backman empowers each of us with her hands-on best life blueprint while also showing each of us how to easily but very effectively develop our own innate intuitive abilities.  A fascinating read and a tremendously powerful tool to make dreams come true!—Ellen Whitehurst, bestselling author of Make This Your Lucky Day and CEO of Experience Your Extraordinary Life (


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