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Change Already! is taking a little diversion for the month of February and offering listeners a chance to hear and learn about “Soulful Songwriters,” Jillian’s personal friends and musicians. Artists will enlighten listeners about how they translate personal spirituality, empathic sensitivity and creativity into powerful music that transcends the soul.

Soulful Songwriter Series Part III


Ulli, Jillian Maas Backman,ImaginePublicity

Ulli is an Indie-Progressive Fold artist who studied at the University of Bonn before coming to Chicago in 2005 from her native Germany where she sang in both the church choir and a rock and roll band.

Ulli comes from a musical family, she began singing at age 4 and took piano and flute lessons at 11. She is a trained vocalist and self-taught guitarist and pianist, as well as an extraordinarily talented composer and lyricist. Inspiration for her songwriting is drawn from her love for exploring the meanings & possibilities of life.

Compared to Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, her crystaline voice dances through the melodies of her songs, accompanied by the guitar or a cappella.

Ulli’s latest venture is composing and producing her first CD, Without Reason, which contains eleven tracks of original music. ‘Without Reason” is a stirring and  heart-felt mixture of guitar, piano and original lyrics melded and classified as Indie-Progressive Folk.

Ulli can be seen sharing her breathtaking voice throughout local venues around Chicago.  She continues to create & improvise her music, honing her distinctive style, playing solo gigs and also collaborating with guest artists, attracting a devoted following at small Chicago clubs.

“I love playing intimate venues because there is nothing I enjoy more than connecting to people through my music. Music is energy.”


To preview or purchase Ulli’s CD, Without Reason: CLICK HERE

Change Already! with Jillian Maas Backman: Soulful Songwriters Series Guest, Ulli

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