In a previous article I addressed Strategies: Old vs New and how to release stagnant strategies in favor of one that illuminates growth and a new way of reaching aspirations.

After assessing your current strategies, how do you know what you need to do next?

The redundancy of what’s being communicated in the realm of mindfulness thinking has reached a point of complete saturation. Let’s explore some new options.



TIP #1 Honor what you already know.

The brain holds a mechanism that motivates us to seek more and more knowledge hoping it will satisfy the inner craving for ultimate wisdom. Continuous learning is a natural human drive, it will always be an open-ended evolution, and should be encouraged.  

But, what happens to our strategic processing when we divert our attention away from the knowledge we feel we are missing, and shift our attention towards the information we already know but haven’t acknowledged?

Honor what you already know, you may be surprised to find some obvious answers hiding in the recesses of your own mind.



TIP #2  Stop looking for the “aha” moment

You have within yourself a navigational tool that is perfect for you, but do you trust it? This should be your “aha” moment, when you begin to trust what you already know.

I appreciate the meditation theory about letting go and seeking to be in the moment, but to find out what you already know, in this particular instance, back away from using this mindfulness tool and let the unconscious part of your brain expand with as much mind-chatter as it can send and receive.

Find your way to become mindfully centered and let the brain be free from the conscious arena and center yourself on this mantra for a change…What is it I need to know that I already know NOW?


Close friends

Tip #3  Start your own Club

You have what you have, I have what I have, and everybody has their own “haves!”

Who the heck in your circle really “gets you?”  In order to be in my circle of peeps you have to be able to handle my mess. I spill crap all over the front of my shirts, I work through a “piling” system of ordered chaos, I adore my closest confidants, and I relish their honest feedback welcoming the chance to do better the next time around.   

Ask yourself, who gets it, and who doesn’t? No crystal ball is needed for future plans within the Club because intuitive whispers between your significant people can help you see your blind spots and help you overcome unfounded fear.

To summarize, go out into the world and use what you already know, trust it, and exercise your current knowledge to create a plan of action. Surround yourself with those who can honestly review your grand designs and who are willing to show you how to shine at your best.

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