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Looking for inspiration

Looking for Inspiration in the Most Obscure Places

The world is running on an inspirational empty tank of fuel right now. An unknown source is depleting our natural energy resource of hope and desire for better days ahead. The good news is that inspiration is an abundant organic supply and available to anyone willing to take the initiative to re-fuel.
Stop, Look and Listen […]

physical angels come to visit

Physical Angels Come To Visit

Physical Angels, Like A Whisper, they pass through moments of time without a sound……..
Ancient text tells us these mystical forces live among us. Perhaps you have been blessed with an encounter of your own and never really “got it.” I refer to this wonder as “human physical angels;” human beings that seem to arrive onto […]

re-setting anger

Re-Setting the Energy of Anger

As I sat and pondered my topic of discussion for this blog entry, I kept coming back to the idea of “energy of anger” and its advanced stage, the “energy of rage.”
How many of you hold onto the energy of anger, mindlessly exploiting this erratic behavior as a catalyst for getting ahead on your path […]


Irrigate the Open Wound, Toxic Labeling

Like the rest of America, I am discouraged over the recent suicide of the young college boy, Tyler Clementi, of Reuckers University. I want to shift the focus to a more insidious cultural epidemic, labeling indignation. At some point in time, it will be too late to repair the labeling voids between us. We have all fallen prey to this self-serving habit at some point. This kind of laziness in stalling out our hearts…….

Not All Meditations are Created Equally

Life coaching and counselors alike emphasized the importance of devoting a portion of your day to quiet time. These insightful reflective moments are a way to release stress and help maintain a stable mental equilibrium. The practice of meditation is a perfect way to start.
Meditation dates back thousands of years and has ties to eastern […]

Mercury Retrograde: Blame or Not to Blame?

Have you been out-of-sorts more than usual lately? Fighting darkness and confusion and having a hard time making decisions? Many toss around the phrase “Mercury is in Retrograde,” which is the band aid to the astrological phenomenon that happens three times a year. Listen to my latest podcast, Mercury Retrograde: Blame or Not to Blame?

Jillian Maas Backmn, Beyond the Pews

Jillian Maas Backman and Chip Reichenthal on Beyond the Norm

Monday, June 16, 2014 Beyond the Norm host, Chip Reichenthal welcomes Award-winning radio host and author, Jillian Maas Backman to talk about Beyond the Pews: Breaking with Tradition and Letting Go of Religious Lockdown.
Beyond the Norm is aired every Monday at 9pm Eastern, 8 Central time on A1B Radio Network.

Jillian Maas Backman puts her enlightened spin on social, spiritual, and cultural […]

Legacy of A Mystic

 Why waste time picking up pebbles when it takes just as much effort to pick up pearls? A. Bains
Pearls of wisdom, that is.  Some of the best wisdom I have ever received has not been from books of knowledge, but from enlightened elders, sages, yogis, and swamis: people who have made it their life calling […]


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