Coloring to Your Heart’s Content


You’ve heard of karma – what goes around, comes around. I believe that’s true for all sorts of situations.  But karma is all the more surprising when it’s your own thoughts and opinions that circle around and find you over and over again.

Adult coloring books are all the rage now. Tessellations, mantras, detailed scenery images, all are there for your colored pencil/crayon/marker glory. Coloring is said to relax you, to help you focus. It is a stress buster, a creative outlet, a chance to control the color of your world.

What this has to do with karma is that I talked about the same thing three years ago.

DA3In my book, “Beyond the Pews,” I talk about earthy kinetic messages:  messages sent to your consciousness from your soul. The most common example of this form is the practice of doodling. This type of drawing is a wonderful way to get in touch with your unconscious mind while you’re wide awake.

Coloring books attempt to re-funnel your emotions into a healthy, safe outlet. Complex designs with unlimited color choices enable you to unconsciously release built up stress and work out confusing problems. And that’s a wonderful way to meditate.

But your own drawing, your own doodling, is even more therapeutic, because through this form of daydreaming, the soul’s thoughts can be conveyed.

Think of all the times you’re in a meeting, in a classroom, and you’ve really lost the thread of the conversation. You’re listening, you’re understanding, but maybe you have been this way before, and your old soul already knows the way. So you pull out a pen or a marker and swirl a mark on your notepad. Before you know it you’ve drawn circles and swirls and dots and arrows and all kinds of nonsense.

But was it nonsense?

Stars, circles, arrows, birds, hearts, double hearts, all have their own place as a reflection of your current state, as do shading, partial shading, and fill-in-the-space.

For instance: Circles. Circles represent someone or something being added to your life. Are these circles drawn over another? This suggests you are going in circles on your path. Half circles imply that something is stopping you from completing a task. Ask yourself what you are avoiding.  One single circle may reflect your desire to stand alone in whatever is coming your way.DA2

Or Hearts. The heart, of course, is the universal symbol for love in any language. However, it can also represent complications or even heartache in certain doodles. Is it fancy? Plain? Distorted?  Is it pierced through with an arrow? Think about what you’re looking at. Multiple hearts denotes one who loves many. Larger hearts may signify a significant other in your life, and what you draw around it denotes how you feel about this significant other.  Smaller hearts represent parents, siblings, or friends. Note how they relate to the rest of your doodle.

Shading also reflects your state of mind, your state of soul. Partial shading may suggest how open (not shaded) or closed (shaded) one is to the kinetic intuitive messages coming through your doodles. What shapes are you blocking (shading)? What shapes are you filling?

Take note of what you find in your doodles and record it. Later, fit it into the puzzle of your life at the time you drew it, and see what you were trying to tell yourself.

Of course, there are some people who never doodle; never consider coloring books or doodle notebooks or even picking up a pen except to write a check. Not to worry – this simply means that you do not receive messages through this particular state. Look to your other senses to find your soul’s outlet.

There is a world of confusion and contentment trying to find its way out of you and into the universe. Find that key and encourage the door to open. Look at the music you write, the pictures you draw, the poetry you write. Look behind the door and understand yourself. Then take what you learn and make yourself a better person.

You can find more explanations of signs and doodles in my book, “Beyond the Pews.”




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