2016: Monkey Business!



Fear not fellow sheeple, 2015 has finally come to a quiet close.  A thankful thought for those who suffered more pain than pleasure under the Chinese Year of the Sheep.

As history goes, the energy of the Sheep was supposedly conducive for bringing about social justice and change to mega amounts of people through nurturing passive reform. Whether inside our own sacred homes or worldwide, we seemed to have missed the mark a tick. Thousands of households were touched in one way or another with emotionally charged events that ranged from chaos to calm, subjugating personal rewards for the needs of others once again.

I understand these hardships have not shown positive dividends as of yet, but wait and see — it will all come together in the coming months. The good news here is it did expose the world’s “narcissistic tendencies” of seeing issues from one singular point of view and the destruction it can wreak if not handled appropriately SOON!

monkey family

 “A monkey family that plays together stays together.”  Jillian M. Backman

For now, let’s all give ourselves a spiritual pat on the back for pushing through last year with the 2 P’s, Patience and Perseverance, and move a year closer to the Big P: Peace.

In the past I usually advised everyone to take the first two months to ease out of the energy of the old year and gradually incorporate the energy of the New Year when it falls in February.  However, this year’s advice is unprecidented, even for me, who encourages change as much as a mom does in changing underwear everyday.

Forget that crap this year! I mean it!  Let it go and DETOX as fast as your body, mind and soul will let you!  Purge last year’s energy remnants out as quick as humanly possible. Drink tons of water, walk it off, seal it in an imaginary box, let it fly away and don’t think about it twice.  You want to position yourself right now and take full advantage of the energy of this year ASAP.

Buckle-up people — the Year of the Monkey energy is coming in hot with very little downtime for any of us. It’s time to get down to business, MONKEY BIZ, that is!  Like monkeys on the loose, wild and free and looking for fun (and trouble if you’re not careful).

From ancient to modern times the symbolic Monkey has left its significance woven throughout centuries of text from folklore to religious deities. Known for keen human-like intelligence and brute strength, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Unlike last year when feelings and internal self-talk was the theme to work with, this year the pendulum swings clear to the other side.  Although our sensitive side should always be at the forefront in all that we do, everyone should try to compartmentize that part of themselves and call upon your brain to lead the way this year.

Here are some specific intuitive suggestions I have for each one of you to get the best results and leverage “monkey power” for all it’s worth!

I intuitively see individual/group/world growth falling out into two distinct footpaths this year: The Curious Monkey and the Warrior Monkey.

The Curious Monkey

(photo: Flickr Creative Commons)

(photo: Flickr Creative Commons)


In preparing for my intuitive insights through meditation, the blaring image of the childhood book series Curious George kept popping up. These are tales about a cute primate that finds great joy in exploring everything around him.  Every chapter laced with silly antics and optimistic lessons in the end.

This is my hope for all of you this year.

This year is about using your noggin. Monkey energy should be a year loaded with intellectual adventures — any activities you can dream up that will push your smart side to the limit!  This is a year that supports career and wealth advantages at all levels.  Whether you are just starting out, in the middle of the heap, or looking for something new to sink your talents into, 2016 is your year.  Choose tasks that support that growth immediately.  Read lots of books, heck, even write your own book if you want.  Go back to school and reach for the highest grades you can envision for yourself.  Use this year’s energy to outgrow your present imagination.  This is the year of the individual, the one, the only, you!

Become the champion of your own Curious George fairytale!

Make a concerted attempt to leave behind critical internal dialog, as it’s useless in this kind of environmental energy.  It will leave you frustrated, irritated and impatient, which is one of the monkey traps you can easily fall into if you don’t watch your step. Be mindful and deliberate with every move, and pay close attention to hidden booby-traps and trickery from those around who are too insecure to separate from the monkey pack to find success.  It’s not that they don’t want you to succeed, but rather, they don’t want you to leave.

The Warrior Monkey

 Year of the Monkey Fresco

I took this picture visiting Ankor Wat, in Siem Reap, Cambodia. A snippet of a large battle scene frieze on one of its enormous walls.  In the center you can see a carved image of a monkey warrior fighting along side human forms of the same rank.  It references the beloved historical monkey figure, Hanuman.  Although he is pictured here as a soldier, his teachings do not condone fighting or dying in a literal sense to achieve grace.  The image is more about expressing human virtues like loyalty, strength, service and protection for all.  There is fire in this monkey energy that is fast-paced at a steady rate all year long, clashing with large, cunning groups of people who want to throw you off your path.

If we want the curious monkey part of ourselves to thrive this year, we must be willing to channel our inner warrior monkey and create your perfect “monkey troop”; small groups of like-minded members who are ready to share their intelligence, strengths, and service. Family and friend who will love, adore, respect and cherish your monkey dreams and not be afraid to protect it from outside/inside predators with misguided intentions.

But mostly, this year is about:

Find other monkeys who adore swinging from tree to tree knowing as long as they’re by your side you will never hit the ground. 

Jillian Maas Backman

Note: This post is an intuitive representation for the general public.  For a more intimate year in review you can schedule your own personal intuitive consultation. Please go to my Private Services page for more information.




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