Intuition, the edge to excellence!

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One of the untapped techniques in achieving excellence is the balance of logic and intuitive knowledge. Jillian Maas Backman is an innovator in coaching others concerning paradigm shifts and adding the element of intuition to create balance.

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In Beyond the Pews, you will follow the fascinating life story of a woman who received soulful insights from a world rarely visible to the naked eye. After years of processing these sensory perceptions, she discovered the soul’s natural intuitive language.

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Jillian is an award winning radio host and a natural for the airwaves. Her new web based tv show, Change Already LIVE features expert guests and lively discussion about using intuition in all aspects of business and personal decision making.

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Jillian is available for private personal consultations and intuitive coaching. Intuitive assessments and resolutions clear blocked thinking processes and identify blindspots leading to successful personal change.

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